Government is not incompetent, don't be deceived. Extremist elements in the establishment are plotting an international communist revolution.

Nationalism The Truth Revolution

Know the enemy, know yourself and victory is never in doubt.

Before Nationalism can be properly understood it is necessary for people to understand what is causing the problems we face and what it's symptoms are, including Muslim migration to the West. People will only resist dangers they can see and understand. If those dangers come sugar coated, implemented by subversives, they can make huge advances before people even notice there's a problem. To understand the enemy, their criminal strategy and who the "Puppet masters" behind it really are, visit Rivers of Blood Why Enoch Powell Was Right!

Why & How We Will Win.

If only people knew that the truth is mightier than the sword.

We will win because we are not going to fall into the trap of doing what the reds and their puppet masters want us to do. What they want from us is to react with frustrated anger and make enemies of those who are also victims of their criminal plans. Make no mistake the immigrants and the brainwashed are also victims, it is our job to wake people up to the truth, precisely so they don't fight for the New World Order when the economy finally collapses. There is no earthly reason why other victims of this deception are going to be any happier about what's happening than we are. On discovering the truth many will turn rather than be used as pawns in this criminal insanity. Everybody must know who the real enemy of mankind is and what it wants to use them to achieve. The deceived of the left and globalist right are not to be forced to fight for communism or resist us in any way, because that is what the real haters want. They play divide and conquer, mixing races and cultures to destroy humanity and create their revolutionary chaos. We win this battle for hearts and minds not by throwing petrol on the fire but by pouring water on it. It is not anger but compassion that spreads the truth fastest.

The problems caused by Muslim migration were the deliberate act of the New World Order and include the deliberate destabilising of the Middle East. The vast majority of Muslims are in fact victims of circumstance. Peace requires understanding and mutual respect. Different groups all working on their own agendas within the same lands is itself divisive, causes a breakdown in trust and is the ultimate cause of conflict.

Communist strategy is entirely dependent on lies, deception and the misery they themselves create to bring about revolution. Their fortress is built on lies and murderous intent. Ours is built on the truth and the need to save as many people as possible from the coming storm. The greatest victory is one that can be won without having to fight. If we can make enough people see in time this is what we will achieve. In doing this we grow stronger while the enemy weakens. The puppet masters want us to be seen to be the bad guys, don't let this happen. They hide their evil intent and blame the reaction. This time it will be clear who created this mess and who really wants to save the world.