Nationalist Economy

Mass immigration and capitalism are used by International Jewry to impoverish the people and create revolutionary conditions. They can grow GDP by growing the population and increasing spending with more debt but they do so by making the people poorer. It isn't happening by accident! They use the screen of capitalism to reduce wages and make housing unafordable & then tell people the solution is slavery and not being able to own a home at all under communism!

Banking & Interest

Currently the central banks including the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve are privately owned, they create the money supply and lend to their governments for interest. The idea that an individual or group of individuals can own a busness that creates money out of thin air and lends to the state or anyone else for interest is just wrong. A Nation should own it's own central bank and produce its own money supply without having to pay interest on it. Nationalised high street banks would lend to the public and business on a low fixed interest. Usury would be outlawed.


Nobody needs to own more than one home! By buying a second home or several for rental an individual is putting his wants above others needs. This pushes up the price of housing for those less fortunate & provides the landlord with an income that has a negative impact of society. If only those living in a property can own it, price competition for housing is greatly reduced and prices fall making homes affordable for all, while council housing would still be provided to those with genuine need of it.


Immigration reduces wages as workers can be found from outside the nation and brought in to do jobs for less. Jobs can also be outsourced and done overseas. Both have a negative effect on wages and wealth distribution. If jobs can't be outsourced and workers can't be imported then employers are forced to compete for workers just like they have to compete for customers. This means increases in wages as well as increased opportunities for advancement as employers would have to invest in training rather than import workers at the expense of national talent. The best companies would be able to afford the best wages. While companies producing goods and services that are shoddy or unwanted would fail due to their inability to compete for workers as well as their inability to attract customers. Too many workers in the marketplace and companies can afford to pay them badly, chew them up and spit them out. While a tight labour market without immigration forces improvements in training, education, pay and conditions. Value comes from scarcity while easy access to workers from overseas simply increases poverty and denies opportunities to our own people.


Income taxes would be much lower than present as a nationalist government would be free of Marxist and capitalist subversion which serves only to line the pockets of the elite, impoverish the people, and waste as much money as possible as a means of eventually collapsing the economy under debt. Council tax would be abolished as the best and quickest means of putting more money in peoples pockets. Council services would be funded by government. VAT would be abolished for all goods and services that are produced in the UK including building works and repairs. The rate of VAT imposed on foreign goods would vary according to need. So for example oranges and bananas would be zero rated while plastic tat made in China would be taxed out of the market.


National Insurance contributions are currently thrown into the black hole of Government debt. There is no fund. This is a fraud that would have the directors of a pension/insurance company arrested. NI is used by the government as a stealth tax and needs to be abolished. Replaced by a genuine investment fund that the government is required to pay into and manage on behalf of the people.


Reality is some things can be done more efficiently by a monopoly. Gas, electricity, water, trains and the Royal Mail would all be nationalised and run for the benefit of the people. The amount the public would pay for these services would be enough to cover costs including infrastructure investmemts. Efficiency over profit when it comes to vital public services. Marxists mismanage and subvert, Nationalists would manage these services efficiently and properly.